Sapphira is a Toronto, Beach resident who is an Architect, Artist, Performer & Activist with over 15 years of experience in the Architecture industry and has her own Architectural Practice.  She studied at an Art High School and specialized in Visual Arts along with a background in classical Dance and Piano.  Every act of her life is captivated by creativity, whimsicality, and rebelliousness with a hint of activism. For Her, Art Exploration, Words and Design is a daily journey of self-expression and way of creating a soulful, truthful and embodied Life.  Her Performance Artworks explore various themes through dance, burlesque, and site specificity and/or installation.  She strives to bend and break boundaries creatively through unapologetic self-expression and Art by/through reclaiming body image and body liberation.  Her Revolution is the seed, source, inspiration, and fuel for every idea, it runs skin deep to birth dreams to reality.